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{{subst:article-cv | PageName}} from [insert URL here] ~~~~

This template works in conjunction with {{copyvio}} to list articles for evaluation at Wikipedia:Copyright problems.

  • Blank the page and replace the text with {{copyvio|url=insert URL here}} ~~~~
  • Go to today's section of the copyvio page and add {{subst:article-cv | PageName}} from [insert URL here] ~~~~ to the bottom of the list. Put the page's name in place of "PageName". If there is no URL, use a description of the source. The template you used to blank the article will display this code, with parameters already filled out, in its lower right quadrant. You may simply copy and paste it from there.
  • Please also add {{subst:uw-copyright| PageName}} to the article creator's talk page. This code will also be generated by the blanking template.

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