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Ashton Canal
-- Huddersfield Narrow Canal
Dukinfield Jn
-- Peak Forest Canal
A6140 road
M60 road
Hollinwood Branch Canal
A635 road
17-18 Fairfield locks
Clockhouse swing bridge
Grimshaws swing bridge
13-16 Clayton locks
Crabtree swing bridge
11-12 Clayton locks
Clayton Jn
Stockport Branch(5 miles)
8-10 Clayton locks
A635 road
7 Beswick lock
A6010 road
4-6 Beswick locks
2-3 Ancoats locks
Islington Branch Canal
1 Ancoats locks
A665 road
Thomas Telford basin
Store Street Aqueduct
-- Rochdale Canal
Ducie St Jn
-- Rochdale Canal

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