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[[{{{1}}} station|{{{1}}}]]

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For use with Template:S-line in Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) articles.


This template expands a name to link to the appropriate BART station article, without displaying any suffix.

The template can be abbreviated as {{bart}}. For example, {{bart|West Oakland}} expands to [[West Oakland station|West Oakland]].

Discretion should be used on whether to name the place itself or the station that serves it. In railway articles it is generally preferred to use the station unless specifically talking about the place, for example that Daly City serves Daly City.

Most BART stations follow the link form of terminating with "station", per WP:USSTATION.

All stations with slashes can be entered with or without spaces around the slash. Additionally, the following abbreviations and station groups (along with the normal full station name) can be used:

This text Expands to
12th Street or
12th Street Oakland or
Oakland City Center
[[12th Street Oakland City Center station|12th Street Oakland City Center]]
16th Street [[16th Street Mission station|16th Street Mission]]
19th Street [[19th Street Oakland station|19th Street Oakland]]
24th Street [[24th Street Mission station|24th Street Mission]]
Hillcrest Avenue [[Antioch station (eBART)|Antioch]]
Berryessa or
Berryessa/North San Jose
[[Berryessa/North San José station|Berryessa/​North San José]]
Civic Center or
UN Plaza
[[Civic Center/UN Plaza station|Civic Center]]
Doolittle [[Doolittle Maintenance and Storage Facility|Doolittle]]
Berkeley [[Downtown Berkeley station|Downtown Berkeley]]
Dublin or
East Dublin or
East Dublin/Pleasanton
[[Dublin/Pleasanton station|Dublin/​Pleasanton]]
Montgomery [[Montgomery Street Station|Montgomery Street]]
North Concord or
[[North Concord/Martinez station|North Concord/​Martinez]]
Coliseum or
Coliseum/Oakland Airport
[[Oakland Coliseum Station|Coliseum]]
OAK or
OAK Airport or
Oakland Airport
[[Oakland International Airport (BART station)|OAK Airport]]
Pleasant Hill [[Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre station|Pleasant Hill/​Contra Costa Centre]]
Powell [[Powell Street station|Powell Street]]
Diridon/Arena or
[[San Jose Diridon station|San Jose Diridon]]
SFO or
SFO Airport or
SF Airport or
San Francisco Airport
[[San Francisco International Airport station|San Francisco International Airport]]
SSF or
South SF
[[South San Francisco station (BART)|South San Francisco]]
West Dublin [[West Dublin/Pleasanton station|West Dublin/​Pleasanton]]
Warm Springs or
South Fremont
[[Warm Springs/South Fremont station|Warm Springs/​South Fremont]]
Millbrae, Daly City or
Millbrae or Daly City
note “or” is part of the input
[[Millbrae station|Millbrae]] ([[Daly City station|Daly City]] on Saturdays)
Millbrae, SFO or
Millbrae and SFO or
Millbrae or SFO
note “or” is part of the input
[[San Francisco International Airport station|SFO]] ([[Millbrae station|Millbrae]] on weeknights & weekends)

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