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To call the template simply write {{BDprefix|p=}}. Possible arguments for p are:

p value Invokes Resulting text
B, b, Binary, binary Disambiguation for a binary meaning

Transistorized memory, such as RAM, ROM, flash and cache sizes as well as file sizes are specified using binary meanings for K (10241), M (10242), G (10243), ...

D, d, Decimal, decimal Disambiguation for a decimal meaning

Disk-based memory (hard drives), solid state disk devices such as USB drives, DVD-based storage, bit rates, bus speeds, and network speeds, are specified using decimal meanings for K (10001), M (10002), G (10003), ...

F, f, Floppy, floppy Disambiguation for the "floppy-disk megabyte"

The "floppy disk megabyte" is a thousand kibibytes (1000 ×1024 bytes), or 1,024,000 bytes.

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