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Template for railway line date as part of the overall railway line template of project:ROUTE.
For a similar template see template:Infobox rail line.

Format for copying



Parameter Text Remarks
KBS Route number ("timetable route number") for all countries for which there are no special parameters
DE-KBS Route no. (DB) for routes in Germany with a DBAG route number
AT-KBS Route no. (ÖBB) for routes in Austria with an ÖBB route number
CH-FPF Timetable no. for routes in Switzerland based on the Liste der Fahrplanfelder
SK-KBS Route no. (ZSSK) for routes in Slovakia with a ZSSK timetable number
CZ-KBS Route no. (ČD) for routes in the Czech Republic with a ČD timetable number
STRECKENNR Route no. Route number based on the VzG, including historical designation
LÄNGE Route length Route length in [km] or use template:convert
SPURWEITE Rail gauge Rail gauge in [mm] or use template:track gauge (always given)
ALTESPURWEITE Old gauge Old gauge in [mm] or use template:track gauge (only used if there was a track gauge conversion)
NETZKATEGORIE Network category Network category (only used for Austrian routes)
STRECKENKLASSE Route class Route class based on RIV (only European standard gauge lines)
NEIGUNG maximum incline maximum incline in [Percent]
NEIGUNGA maximal incline adhesion Incline of the adhesion section on rack railways in [Percent]
RADIUS Minimum radius minimum curve radius [m] or use template:convert
STROMG Power system Voltage, if DC
STROMW Power system Voltage/frequency if AC
STROMD Power system Voltage/frequency if 3-phase
STROME Electrification Overhead lines or third rail as the case may be
ZAHNSTANGE Rack system Rack railway system entered if known
V-MAX Top speed Top speed on the open line in [km/h]
ZWEIGLEISIG Double-tracked sections Information on double-tracked sections
BILDPFAD_FOTO A photo or picture of the logo etc.
PIXEL_FOTO - desired photo width, e.g. 200px
TEXT_FOTO - caption
PIXEL_KARTE - desired map width, e.g. 200px
TEXT_KARTE - map caption if required


BS-daten is originally built for including into the map table above {{BS-table}}. If you want to use it in the newer {{BS-map}} which merges all 3 other templates into one entity, you need to ring the BS-daten by {{{!}} & {{!}}}.

Traditional format

{|{{railway line header}}
{{BS-header}}<!--optional table title header-->
<!--main body of the diagram-->


{{{!}}<!--call for Wiki table-->
{{!}}}<!--end of the most recent Wiki table-->
<!--main body of the diagram-->