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sc means start collapsed.

  1. Template:BS6-2sc is to be used in a {{BS-map}} structure, and is obtained by replacing {{BSrow-2}} by {{BSrow-2sc}} in the corresponding {{BSn-2}} template. As of March 2016, only n=1,3,4,6 are used in this series.
  2. It will be followed by a {{BSm-2replace}} template. As of March 2016, only m=3, 6 are used.
  3. All the other lines of the collapsible block are build as usual, i.e. by using template {{BSn-2}}
  4. And the collapsible bloc ends by {{!}}}   Caveat: two opening, three closing braces, as required to produce |}.

See Template:BS11/doc for some more remarks.

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