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This template can be used to call the color of the Busan Transportation Corporation's Busan Metro and Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit lines. The following are included in this template.

In order to call a line’s color, the code #{{BTC color|line}} is used (where line is replaced by the actual line name, number or abbreviation). Note that this template is not case sensitive: i.e. {{BTC color|BGL}} produces the same result as {{BTC color|bgl}}.

{{BTC color|1}} or …|Line 1}} Sample:   f06a00
{{BTC color|2}} or …|Line 2}} Sample:   81bf48
{{BTC color|3}} or …|Line 3}} Sample:   bb8c00
{{BTC color|4}} or …|Line 4}} Sample:   217dcb
{{BTC color|BG}} or …|BGL}} or …|Busan-Gimhae LRT}} or …|LRT}} Sample:   8451a0
{{BTC color|DH}} or …|Donghae}} Sample:   0066b3