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This template displays a distance as two lines of text in a text field of a route diagram created with {{BS-map}}. The template takes the input (in Imperial units) and calculates the metric equivalent.

  • Inserting the optional second parameter (any character) reverses the units.
  • Decimal values are supported.
  • The template automatically adds the units after the values.

The text is right-aligned, but can be changed to left- by applying the parameter "align=left".

The alternate units can be changed to italic by applying the parameter "alt=italic".

A dividing line can be added by applying the parameter “|line=anything ”.


The default units are miles for input and kilometres as output.

  • Adding the named parameter |in= (for input) will allow alternate input units:
in= Units Converts to
mi;ch miles; chains kilometres
yd yards metres
ft feet
ch chains
m metres yards
  • Whitespace for mi;ch (in both the distance and the units) is allowed but not necessary.


Result:    Input:
0 mi
0 km
1.50 km
0.93 mi
16.3 mi
26.2 km
100.0 mi
160.9 km
150 mi
241 km
56 mi 12 ch
90.36 km
 {{BScvt|56; 12|in=mi; ch}}
125 yd
114 m
150 m
164 yd
50 ch
1010 m
250 m
12.4 ch

See also[edit]

  • {{BSsplit}}, for placing two lines of text in a text field.