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This template is for use on the talk pages of articles where there may be potential for confusion about the copyright status of parts of the text due to its re-use in a mainstream news article or publication. Editors often tend to see copyright violation as a one-way street, with all violations being on behalf of Wikipedia - however, there have been several demonstrable instances of news organisations or websites copying substantial portions of Wikipedia content for articles without providing attribution. There are also cases where Wikipedia content is reused and properly licensed, but the attribution is unclear.

This template aims to prevent editors from mistakenly tagging valid Wikipedia content as copyvio when the Wikipedia article is the original, not the copy.


This template should be placed in the header section of the talk page of an article where backwards copying has occurred. Please fill in the basic, applicable parameters (borrowed from the {{cite}} tag) as this helps to ensure rapid verification that the material was indeed taken from Wikipedia.

Basic template:

  • {{Backwardscopy|title=Title|url=|year=2000|id=123456789}}

Complete template, year only:

  • {{Backwardscopy|title=Title|url=|author=Author|year=2000|org=Publisher or source|comments=The author acknowledges Wikipedia in a tiny footnote on page 27.}}

Complete template, month and day included, and version number:

  • {{Backwardscopy|id=295134989|title=Title|url=|author=Author|year=2000|monthday=1 January|org=publisher or source|comments=The subsequent history is confused as both the blog and the Wikipedia article have been updated.}}

Multiple cites (up to 3):

  • {{Backwardscopy|title=Title|url=|author=Author|year=2000|title2=A different article|author2=Author II|year2=2003|url2=|comments=The subsequent history is confused as both the blog and the Wikipedia article have been updated.}}


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Deprecated redirects to this template: {{Backwardscopyvio}}, {{Notacopyvio}}, {{Reverse copyvio}}, {{Reversecopyvio}}. Please use {{Backwardscopy}} instead.