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This will create an external link to the statistics for a basketball player.


This template takes up to two parameters:

  • nba, for National Basketball Association (NBA) players (active or retired):
    • For active players, you may use the player's name, all lowercase, with underscores replacing spaces (see example below), or you may use the ID number (appears at the end of the URL):
    • For retired/historical players, you must use the player's ID number as it appears the end of the URL: The URL may may have career/ at the end, which may be ignored.
  • bbr, for NBA or original American Basketball Association players, the id as it appears after and before .html in its player page URL


NBA player LeBron James (using name – lowercase, replace spaces with underscores):



Retired NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (must use ID):



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