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Hello, I've blocked your bot because concerns have been expressed that it may be misbehaving. No wrongdoing on your part is implied. When the concerns have been addressed, let me know and I'll unblock it, or leave a note at WP:AN.

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By itself, this template isn't very helpful because operators need to know what their bots are doing wrongly. Rather than using this template by itself, please use it in conjunction with a message (preferably accompanied by diffs of the bot's edits) explaining what is going wrong.

Technical details[edit]


{{subst:Bot block message|[[User:ExampleBot]]}}

on a users talk page to use the template. If you don't want to specify a bot, just omit the value for the parameter, like

{{subst:Bot block message}}

For operators who are administrators and allowed to unblock their bots themselves, add a admin=y parameter.

{{subst:Bot block message|[[User:ExampleBot]]|admin=y}}


{{subst:Bot block message|admin=y}}

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