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The two branches of the family: Petrópolis and Vassouras branch[edit]

{{Brazilian Imperial Family (present)|Petropolis}} lists the Petrópolis branch of the family while {{Brazilian Imperial Family (present)|Vassouras}} lists the Vassouras branch of the family.

Titles of the Imperial Family of Brazil[edit]

According to the Imperial Constitution of 1824, the members of the Imperial Family of Brazil had the following titles and styles:[1]

In 1909, the members of the Orléans-Braganza Branch of the Imperial Family signed an agreement with Prince Philippe, Duke of Orléans (1869–1926), the Head of the House of Orléans (the former Royal Family of France), called the "family pact". By this agreement, all of them were counted in the French line of succession, being properly styled Royal Highness.[2] Therefore, from that agreement, the titles of the members of the Imperial Family of Brazil changed as follows:[1]

Currently, those second in line of succession to the former Brazilian throne are also using the style Imperial and Royal Highness[3]


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