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This template is used to end a college football standings template box. It should be used in conjunction with the templates in the #See also section. All fields (copy and paste text below and then delete parameters that aren't needed):

  • # – College Football Playoff champion
  • ^ – College Football Playoff participant
  • # – BCS National Champion
  • $ – BCS representative as conference champion
  • $ – Conference champion and BCS representative as top non-AQ school to meet automatic qualification criteria
  • % – BCS at-large representative
  • $ – Conference champion
  • $ – Conference champion
  • + – Conference co-champions
  • x – Division champion/co-champions
  • y – Championship game participant
  • ^ – Division I-AA playoff participant
  • ^ – FCS playoff participant
  • ^ – Division II playoff participant
  • ^ – Division III playoff participant
  • {{{special-note}}}
As of {{{date}}}; Rankings from {{{poll}}}
{{CFB Standings End


The possible fields of use are as follows:

Whenever there is a conference title game this entry will display at the bottom of the standings but above the remaining notations.
Used when the conference has a participant in the college football playoff (2014–present) (Note: Be sure to use the generic playoff‑participant=yes in the Entry template – entering CFP-participant=yes will not render anything next to the team)
Used when a conference members won the College Football Championship Game (2014–present)
Used when the conference has a champion in the BCS (1998–2013)
Used to denote a conference member that has won the BCS National Championship game (1998–2013)
Used when the conference champion does not receive an automatic bid into the BCS, but the champion automatically qualifies to a BCS bowl via the BCS non-AQ rules. For more information see BCS eligibility. (1998–2013)
Used when the conference receives an at-large BCS representative (1998–2013)
For use when the conference champion is not a BCS representative (deprecated)
Used for the champion of a non- or pre-BCS conference
For use when there are conference co-champions
Used to denote division champion/co-champions
Used to denote the participant in the conference championship game when division co-champions exist
Used to denote a participant in the FCS playoffs
Used to denote a participant in the D-II playoffs
Used to denote a participant in the D-III playoffs
Used to fill in a custom field for when the standard fields do not clarify the season standings
For seasons in the pre-polling era (prior to 1937) enter any text into this field to block the otherwise automatic display of poll information.
Insert five tildes (~~~~~) to properly display the date and time that the template was most recently updated. This is not necessary for completed seasons.
Automatically displays the AP Poll as the default, but when the "poll" field is used any poll can be utilized for rankings display

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