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Office of the Governor General of Canada. "Canadian Honours Search Page". Queen's Printer for Canada.

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This template is used to provide references to pages in the honours database at the website of the Governor General of Canada. The template is provided to simplify the entering of addresses and to allow for possible changes in the URL format.

Basic form using minimum parameters to link to the reference

{{Canadian honour|Type= |ID= }}

With all parameters

{{Canadian honour|Type= |ID= |accessdate= }}

Type parameter[edit]

The type of the award, using the following abbreviation:

  • Order of Canada: orc
  • Order of Military Merit: omm
  • Decorations for Bravery: br
  • Meritorious Service Decorations: msd
  • Military Valour Decorations: mvd
  • Golden Jubilee Medal: jubilee
  • Exemplary Service Medals: esm
  • Mention in Dispatches: mid
  • Academic Medal: acmed
  • Caring Canadian Award: cca

ID parameter[edit]

The ID number for the entry, found at the end of the URL.