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Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II

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  Standardized template for use in all references to the current Canadian monarch.
Permits global updating of articles when eventual succession takes place.
Only use this template for references that should always be the most current (e.g. Current commander-in-chief of the Canadian military).  Hard-code any references to events that have occurred in the past or will occur in the future (e.g. The visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 or the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club receiving its royal designation from Queen Victoria in 1891).


Assigning any value to a parameter (except since) returns information in the format indicated. (e.g. gender=* yields the same results as gender=yes)

Parameter Description Current value
none Returns link to Canadian monarch, monarch's title and name Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II
gender Returns the current monarch's gender designation (i.e. she or he) she
genderp Returns the current monarch's possessive gender (i.e. her or his) her
To capitalize, use {{ucfirst:{{Canadian monarch, current|genderp=~}}}} Her
title Returns the unlinked title of the monarch (i.e. Queen or King) Queen
nameonly Returns only the monarch's name (wikilinked to their article of the same name) Elizabeth II
plainname Returns only the monarch's unlinked name (Used in image linking) Elizabeth II
name&title Returns the current monarch's title & name (wikilinked) Queen Elizabeth II
ascensiondate Returns the date of the monarch's ascension to the throne 6 February 1952
since Returns link to Canadian monarch, followed by any symbol that since= assigns, followed
by "since " and the date of ascension, followed by the monarch's title & name (wikilinked)
{{Canadian monarch, current|since=—}}  yields
Canadian monarch—since  6 February 1952, Queen Elizabeth II
, any text Returns "Canadian monarch, any text monarch's title & name" (wikilinked) Canadian monarch, any text Queen Elizabeth II


[[At {{ucfirst:{{Canadian monarch, current|genderp=*}}}} Majesty's pleasure]]

  At Her Majesty's pleasure  or  At His Majesty's pleasure

{{Canadian monarch, current|nameonly=*}}, [[Monarchy in Canada|{{Canadian monarch, current|title=*}} of Canada]]

  Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada

Related issue[edit]

Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit.jpg
A number of articles use this template to assign the InfoBox image.  The image is hard coded to be "title monarch name.jpg" using template calls similar to {{Canadian monarch, current|title=~}} {{Canadian monarch, current|plainname=☺}}.jpg
For example, the image file [[File:Queen Elizabeth II.jpg]] is a redirect to the consensus determined current best image of the monarch.  When a succession takes place, a redirect should immediately be created for "File:King/Queen  Regent's name.jpg" (e.g. File:King Ralph.jpg ) to ensure that, prior to updating the values in Template:Canadian monarch, current, some image exists in order to prevent updating of the template causing all InfoBox images for the new regent being blanked (and editors quickly bypassing the global image declarations currently configured).
In the unlikely event that another image exists under the required filename, request a move of the existing image to another name, citing this [[Template:Canadian monarch, current]] if necessary, and then change the redirect created by the move to point to an appropriate image.  Avoid uploading/moving another image to this ‘title name.jpg’ combination since the consensus image will undoubtedly change over time and utilizing a redirect ensures that future changes will be relatively hassle-free.

Changing the Current Monarch Information[edit]

As mentioned in Related issue above, begin by making sure a redirect exists to the new monarch's image from the name "File:titleRegent's name.jpg" (e.g. "File:Queen Elizabeth II.jpg").  This should be a redirect to another best image of the regent to ensure hassle-free revision as consensus changes, time passes, and new images become available.

Afterwards, edit the template, changing the values (a total of 7 of them) marked between the “■■►-->” and “<!--◄■■”.  The values, in the order they appear in the template, are:

her/his                          Note: Uncapitalized
date of ascension to the throne  The date standard for articles using this template is day-month-year (unpunctuated)
Queen/King                       Repeat the information from above 
name of the monarch              The name is needed twice; once is used for unlinked, once for  
name of the monarch              linked (article & image are expected to exist under this name).