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This template is for creating a standardized appearance for categories of mine warfare vessels—minesweepers, minelayers, and other naval mine warfare-related vessels—that were designed, built, or operated during World War II (1939–1945), and categorized in Category:World War II mine warfare vessels.


For countries not prefixed with the definite article the, like "Belgium" or "France", use:

  • {{cathead wwii mine warfare vessels of | Country name }}

where Country name is replaced by the specific country's name. For countries that are prefixed with the definite article, like "the Netherlands" or "the United Kingdom", use:

  • {{cathead wwii mine warfare vessels of | the = yes | Country name }}

For countries that should sort under something other than their full name—like "Republic of China" sorting under C for China, rather than R for Republic—use an optional sort parameter, as in this example:

  • {{cathead wwii mine warfare vessels of | the = yes | Republic of China | China, Republic of }}

(This works with or without the parameter the.)

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