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CelestialRefExNoImages is suitable for use in External Links sections.

It follows a similar format to {{JPL Small Body}}


  • {{CelestialRefExNoImages | Crab Pulsar }}


It is the same as {{CelestialRefEx}} without the image links. It's useful for objects which don't show up on the images such as distant pulsars, or if you don't want to show the image links.

The other parameters you are most likely to use are Siblings = show and Plot = (radius in arcmins).

Parameter Example Usage
plot 10 Radius of star plot (if omitted, no star plot link added)
units arcsec Measurement unit for radius, arcsec, arcmin or deg acceptable, default arcmin
siblings show set to show to add link to siblings search
all hide set to hide to set the extra links to show individually. Default is 'show to show ids, bib, image, and bwimage (and any other options like that that may be added here in the future). Set to all=hide to add those individually
ids show set to show to add link to ids section of SIMBAD page. Shown anyway if all=show.
bib show set to show to add link to pre-expanded bibliography section. Shown anyway if all=show.

Note: siblings and plot are hidden by default, because many objects don't have siblings, and because the plot needs its radius set (otherwise plot may be too dense to read, or have nothing in it).

Uses the page name, if none is given, so if the Wikipedia page name is recognized as a celestial object by SIMBAD, this is all you need:

  • {{CelestialRefExNoImages}}

Best to include the page name though if there is a chance the page might get renamed.

Techy note[edit]

This template calls {{CelestialRef/Extras}}


Any identifier recognized by Simbad for its sim-basic will do.

So, these are all possible:

  • {{CelestialRefExNoImages | M 31}}
  • {{CelestialRefExNoImages | Crab Pulsar}}
  • {{CelestialRefExNoImages | HD 189733b}}


Displayed as:


You can add a link for siblings e.g. * {{ CelestialRefExNoImages | GL 146 |siblings = show}}

This may be useful if the object is part of a larger group and this is relevant to the article citing it, in this case the Hyades super cluster.

Star plot[edit]

The advantage of the star plot extra link is that it lets the author of the page preset the radius for the plot. For some objects this needs to be large, e.g. 20 arcmins or more. For others, that shows far too many objects and a smaller radius in arcsecs is appropriate.

Example: * {{ CelestialRefExNoImages | HD 189733b | plot = 5 }}


to plot stars within 5 arcmins of HD 189733b


  • {{ CelestialRefExNoImages | Alpha Centauri | plot = 50 | units = arcsec }}


to plot stars within 50 arcsecs of Alpha Centauri

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