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Public Domain This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainPatrick, David; Groom, Francis H., eds. (1912). Chamber's Biographical Dictionary. 

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There is a 1912 version of Chambers Biographical Dictionary available at the Internet Archive See this link. Text can be copied from it directly into a Wikipedia article providing the attribution requirements of the Plagiarism guideline are met. This template gives minimum attribution requirements, but a full citation should be given that includes, the article and page numbers.


None standard parameters:

|noicon=x – remove leading icon
|noprescript=x — remove prescript
|inline=x — for use with inline citations. change the wording in the prescript from
             This article to One or more of the preceding sentences
|short=x — shortens the citation by stopping the display of some parameters

For further details of all the parameters in the rest of this section see the documentation in {{cite encyclopedia}} as this template passes all the following parameters into that template.

Allow up to two authors to be set:

|first=first name
|author=first and surname — an alternative to the parameters first and last
|authorlink=Wikipedia article — works with first and last; or author

|first2=first name
|author2=first and surname
|authorlink2=Wikipedia article

Set defaults for some parameters:

|year=1912 — 1912 is the default but it can be changed to another year
|editor2-first=Francis H.
|encyclopedia=Chamber's Biographical Dictionary
|ref=harv  — harv is the default but it can be changed to another value

Some standard parameters needed for a full citation:

|title=Chamber's biography article name
|url=url to the page containing the biography article — Only set if the title parameter is set


|mode=cs2 — to harmonise look with other citations using {{citation}} template

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