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Chester Canal
Manchester Ship Canal
Whitby Locks (4)
M53 motorway
M53 motorway
A5117 road
M56 motorway
A41 road
A5480 Deva aqueduct
Dee locks
Old route to River Dee
Dee locks
River Dee
Northgate staircase
Hoole Lane lock
Chemistry lock
Tarvin lock
A41 road
Greenfield lock
railway tunnel
Christleton Lock
A55 road
River Gowy aqueduct
Wharton's Lock
A49 road
Beeston Iron Lock
Beeston Stone Lock
Tilstone Lock
Trent and Mersey Canal
Wardle Lock
A530 aqueduct
Stanthorne Lock
River Weaver aqueduct
Minshall Lock
Chester and Crewe Railway
Venetian Marina
Cholmondeston Lock
Bunbury Staircase
A511(T) road
Barbridge Junction
Llangollen Canal
(Hurleston Junction)
End of Chester Canal
Nantwich Basin
Birmingham & Liverpool

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