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Used with Template:chset-tableformat data rows to indicate a color for international character code cells.

For example, the group of four ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) alphabetic characters, Unicode U+00C0 through U+00C3 (decimal 192 through 195), are coded as rows in a character set table like this:


Chset family of templates[edit]

See ISO 8859-1, Windows-1252, and EBCDIC for examples of usage.

Header and footer rows[edit]

Character row header[edit]

Character cell colors[edit]

In addition to these, boxed and slightly shaded variants of these exist in order to indicate some kind of additional information (depending on the article) like, for example, a derivation from a base codepage, a variance of definition of the corresponding codepage in different sources (to be explained in the article) or in different revisions of a code page:


Please note that the boxed variants must not be used, if a cell, which is not to be marked, is surrounded by four cells, which need to be marked, as this would make the central cell appear marked as well. The shaded variants do not exhibit this problem.

For as long as there is no need to differentiate one or a few of the cells in a group from the other cells in the same group, refer to the normal (that is, the non-"box"- or "var"-type) templates further above.

Character cell contents[edit]