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"Cite DCB". Dictionary of Canadian Biography (online ed.). University of Toronto Press. 1979–2005. 

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This template is a wrapper around {{cite encyclopedia}} it is intended to format a link to the online edition to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (DCB) so that it appears as a standard citation, while filling in many of the fields base on the fixed identification number and the volume.

Until the second half of 2014 the access to web pages of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online was through identification numbers. The site no longer uses this method but instead locates the page under the name of the individual with the volume number. So the article on Richard Willis Jameson is now located at How to use the legacy parameters is described below in the collapse box and access via that method is still supported by the DCB website (presumably to support legacy links).

New parameters:

In addition the parameters:

  • volume=number or Roman numeral will fill in additional details, including editors and year of publication.
  • ref=harv works as it does in the template {{cite encyclopedia}} and allows this template to be used as a general reference and linked to a short citation.

Finally, the parameters:

  • last=last name (or last1, last2, ...)
  • first=first name (or first1, first2, ...)
  • author=first-name initial last-name (or author1, author2, ...)
  • authorlink=title of Wikipedia article about the author (or authorlink1, authorlink2, ...)

are passed through, if specified, to the underlying {{cite encyclopedia}} template. See that template's documentation.

{{Cite DCB |last=Moir |first=John S. |title=Jenkins, John |volume=12 |ref=harv |url=}}

produces the following link item:

Moir, John S. (1990). "Jenkins, John". In Halpenny, Francess G. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. XII (1891–1900) (online ed.). University of Toronto Press. 

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