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PD-icon.svg Baynes, T.S., ed. (1875–1889). "article name needed". Encyclopædia Britannica (9th ed.). 

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This template facilitates the citation of articles from the 9th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Links to Wikisource or external sources are provided for. {{cite encyclopedia}} is used for the implementation.


{{Cite EB9|wstitle=put the name of the article here|volume=number}}

or with a specification of additional options:

{{Cite EB9
These parameters are not listed in {{cite encyclopedia}} and affect aspects of this template
|noicon=1 — don't display leading icon
|vb=1     — display prescript attribution message (for use with copied text)
|inline=1 — use to alter prescript for inline citations
|short=1  — don't display editors
|wstitle=name of the article — with automatic link to wikisource
|display=name  — displays in place or the wstitle name
These parameters take the default values listed but can be overwritten:
|encyclpedia=Encyclopaedia Britannica
|editor2-first=W.R.  — if volume is set between 11 and 24
|editor2-last=Smith  — if volume is set between 11 and 24
For these standard {{cite encyclopedia}} parameters
see the documentation attached to {{cite encyclopedia}}
|author= ... author3= — up to three authors 
|first=  ... first3= 
|last=   ... last3=

Specifying the volume, results in a single year being displayed, which varies depending on the volume; otherwise the range 1875-1889 is displayed.



{{Cite EB9|wstitle=Arthropoda}}

displays as:

Wikisource-logo.svg Baynes, T.S., ed. (1875–1889). "Arthropoda". Encyclopædia Britannica (9th ed.). 

Use of the volume parameter would allow the display of a particular volume and year (see example below).

With comment[edit]

{{Cite EB9|wstitle=Fillmore, Millard}} Thirteenth president of the United States of America.

displays as:

Wikisource-logo.svg Baynes, T.S., ed. (1875–1889). "Fillmore, Millard". Encyclopædia Britannica (9th ed.).  Thirteenth president of the United States of America.

Using noicon[edit]

{{Cite EB9|wstitle=Fillmore, Millard|noicon=x}}

displays as:

Baynes, T.S., ed. (1875–1889). "Fillmore, Millard". Encyclopædia Britannica (9th ed.). 

Using vb[edit]

If text is incorporated verbatim into an article, the vb parameter can be used to tack on a notice appropriate to the policy in Wikipedia:Plagiarism.

{{Cite EB9|wstitle=Atom|volume=3|vb=x}}

displays as:

Wikisource-logo.svg This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainBaynes, T.S., ed. (1878). "Atom". Encyclopædia Britannica. 3 (9th ed.). 

Using title (no Wikisource link)[edit]

{{Cite EB9|title=Torquay|volume=23|page=451}}

displays as:

PD-icon.svg Baynes, T.S.; Smith, W.R., eds. (1888). "Torquay". Encyclopædia Britannica. 23 (9th ed.). p. 451. 

When title is being used, url can be used to specify an external link.

Hidden categories[edit]

This template places articles into a hidden category with sub-categories to aid maintenance:

See also[edit]

  • {{EB9}} — use when incorporating PD text from an EB9 article into a Wikipedia article
  • {{EB9 poster}} — for use in Further reading or External links sections. It places a Wikisource poster box (a graphical template) on the right hand side of the screen.
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