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This template enables the citation of articles from the Wikisource project Littell's Living Age in the manner of {{cite journal}}.


{{Cite Littell's

The parameters wstitle, issue and volume are required.



{{Cite Littell's|wstitle=Lore-Lei|issue=1822|volume=141|author=[[Heinrich Heine]]}}

displays as:

Wikisource-logo.svg Heinrich Heine. "Lore-Lei". Littell's Living Age. 141 (1822). 

Using noicon[edit]

{{Cite Littell's|wstitle=Lore-Lei|issue=1822|volume=141|author=[[Heinrich Heine]]|noicon=x}}

displays as:

Heinrich Heine. "Lore-Lei". Littell's Living Age. 141 (1822). 

Using vb[edit]

If text is incorporated verbatim into an article, the vb parameter can be used to tack on a notice appropriate to the policy in Wikipedia:Plagiarism.

{{Cite Littell's|wstitle=Lore-Lei|issue=1822|volume=141|author=[[Heinrich Heine]]|vb=x}}

displays as:

Wikisource-logo.svg This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainHeinrich Heine. "Lore-Lei". Littell's Living Age. 141 (1822). 

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