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[Quran []]

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Makes citations of the Quran, linking to pages under .


{{Cite Quran|#1|#2
 | end=           (e=)
 | translator=    (t=)
 | tn=
 | style=         (s=)
 | expand=        (begin= , b=)
 | quote=         (q=)

Required parameters

  • #1
    • integer representing the number of the surah (this must be the first parameter).
  • #2
    • integer representing the ayah number (this must be the second parameter).

Optional parameters

  • end, or, e parameter:
    • last ayah number being cited
  • quote, or, q:
    • the text of the quotation. The template adds quotation marks, so don't use this if it is a block quotation (see MOS:BQ). Instead, put the template after the quotation without this parameter.
  • translator, or, t parameter can have below values:
  • tn (translator name only) parameter can have below same values:
  • expand=no, or, begin=no, or, b=no, or, b=n:
    • does not prepend link with "Qur'an", alternatively begin=no, b=no can also be used. Instead of "no", "n" can also be used.
  • style, or, s parameter can have below values:
    • nosup, or, ns to use non-superscript style.
    • ref, or, r to use expanded form for citing as a reference (short form for style=nosup|expand=yes).
  • link=no
    • Makes it so that the word "Quran" is not linked, but the word itself still appears, for compliance with MOS:REPEATLINK.


Example 1:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|quote=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[Quran 5:4]

Example 2:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|expand=no|quote=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[5:4]

Example 3:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|q=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[Quran 5:4–7]

Example 4:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|link=no|q=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[Quran 5:4–7]

Example 5:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|translator=y|q=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[Quran 5:4 (Translated by Yusuf Ali)]

Example 6:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|translator=p|q=quoted text}}

"quoted text"[Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Pickthall)]

Example 8:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=nosup|t=p|q=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Pickthall). "quoted text"

Example 9:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=ns|t=p}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Pickthall)

Example 10:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=nosup}} OR
{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref}}

Quran 5:4–7
Quran 5:4–7

Example 11:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref|quote=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4–7. "quoted text"

Example 12:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=r|translator=s|q=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Shakir). "quoted text"

Example 13:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|end=7|style=ref|t=a|q=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Asad). "quoted text"

Example 14:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|e=7|s=ns|t=a|q=quoted text}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Translated by Asad). "quoted text"

Example 15:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|e=7|s=ns|b=n}}


Example 16:

{{Cite Quran|5|4|e=7|s=ns|tn=y}}

Quran 5:4–7 (Yusuf Ali)

Example 17:

Quran-Texts{{Cite Quran|5|4|e=7|tn=y}}

Quran-Texts[Quran 5:4–7 (Yusuf Ali)]

Example 18:

{{quote|quoted text{{Cite Quran|5|4}}}}

quoted text[Quran 5:4]

Example 19:

{{quote|quoted text|{{Cite Quran|5|4|style=nosup}}}}

quoted text

— Quran 5:4