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{{Cite parl
 | title =
 | edition =
 | pages =
 | author =
 | year =

Shorthand values for "title" parameter include :

These shorthand abbreviations for the title= parameter will add the author, year, and full title of the latest edition. If the edition parameter is entered, the template will automatically add the author, year, full title, and edition, of that edition.

Shorthand values for an abbreviated reference:

title=ronr, tsc, dem, mas, or rid

will produce a short version for a book already cited in the article (see example 3)

Example 1:

{{cite parl |title=RONR |edition=1st |pages=193}}


Robert, Henry M.

   Robert's Rules of Order, 1st ed., p. 193

Example 2:

{{cite parl |title=TSC |pages=99}}


Sturgis, Alice

   The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th ed., p. 99

Example 3:

{{cite parl|title=ronr |pages=99}}


RONR, p. 99

Articles will be categorized if the citation appears in the article namespace.

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