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This citation template can be used to cite some pages at the Yellowstone National Park thermal features database at Montana State University. This database catalogs over 10,000 thermal features in Yellowstone National Park.


A search engine can be found here. Enter the full name of the feature. Look through the search results and click on the desired feature. The id number can be found at the end of the URL. For example, a search for Old Faithful Geyser yields the URL: http://www.rcn.montana.edu/resources/features/feature.aspx?nav=11&id=9909. The id for Old Faithful is 9909.

Fields Instructions
{{cite rcn
| id = 
| name = 
| accessdate = 
Feature ID
Feature name
Full retrieval date

The parameter id must assigned a value. It is highly recommended that name be assigned a value as well.


Using named parameters:

{{cite rcn |id=9909 |name=Old Faithful}}"Old Faithful". Yellowstone Geothermal Features Database. Montana State University. 

Using unnamed parameters:

{{cite rcn |9909 |Old Faithful |2010-10-10}}"Old Faithful". Yellowstone Geothermal Features Database. Montana State University. Retrieved 2010-10-10.