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Provides an easy way to cite USGS topographical maps provided by the TopoQuest Map Viewer.


Just add {{cite topoquest}} and fill out the following parameters:

  • |quad= The name of the map quadrangle (located on the first line of the text directly above the map).
  • ONE of the following:
    • |url= The URL. (Longer in edit mode, but takes less time to input.)
    • |lat=|lon=|zoom= The latitude, longitude, and zoom level of the map. (Shorter in edit mode, but takes longer to input. All three are located on the second line of the text directly above the map.)
  • |accessdate= The full date when the map was accessed.

Optional parameters:

  • |links= If anything is entered in this parameter, the template will unlink TopoQuest and United States Geological Survey.
  • |note= Appends a note to the end of the linked title. Used to distinguish different maps in the same quadrangle.


  • {{cite topoquest|quad=Central Park|url=http://www.topoquest.com/map.php?lat=40.75234&lon=-73.98355&datum=nad83&zoom=128&map=auto&coord=d&mode=pan&size=l|accessdate=July 20, 2017}} yields:
  • While {{cite topoquest|quad=Central Park|lat=40.75234|lon=73.98355|zoom=128|accessdate=July 20, 2017}} yields exactly the same thing:
  • With optional parameters: {{cite topoquest|quad=Central Park|lat=40.75234|lon=73.98355|zoom=128|note=New York City|accessdate=July 20, 2017|links=off}}
    • United States Geological Survey (July 20, 2017). Central Park quadrangle, New York City (Topographic map). Reston, VA: United States Geological Survey. Retrieved July 20, 2017 – via TopoQuest.