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This template allows navigation from a page for a settlement that is usually identified as a coastal settlement to adjacent coastal settlements around a sea coast, or the coast of a lake or inland sea. At some point the linked pages might be in the next county or country, but that would not be a problem. When complete these template entries will link their pages into a two way circular linked list.


{{Coastal_settlements navbox
|place = 
|settlement = 
|anticlockwise = 
|clockwise = 

Required parameters[edit]

County or suitably large administrative body containing the settlement, and that matches 'structure' above. DO NOT WIKILINK.
Name of the settlement. Defaults to the pagename.
The wikilinked name of the next settlement anticlockwise around the coast
The wikilinked name of the next settlement clockwise around the coast


{{Coastal_settlements navbox
|place         = North Yorkshire
|settlement    = Saltburn-by-the-Sea
|anticlockwise = [[Marske-by-the-Sea]]
|clockwise     = [[Skinningrove]]

This template makes use of the list page 'List of coastal settlements in North Yorkshire' or alternatively the category 'Coastal settlements in North Yorkshire' and will link to them although their presence is not essential.