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Template:Coat rack is for articles that primarily may relate to a different subject (coatrack), or to only one aspect rather than the subject as a whole (content forking). A coatrack article is an article that ostensibly discusses the nominal subject, but in reality is a cover for a tangentially related biased subject. A content fork is the creation of multiple separate articles all treating the same subject, which is undesirable when the article is deliberately created to avoid neutral point of view guidelines or the article is redundant with another article.


To use this template, place {{Coat rack|date=August 2016}} on the article page or talk page in a location that may aid in conveying the message of the template. This template lists articles in Category:Coatrack articles. This template may be used within Template:Articleissues and placement of this template on the article page is guided by Template messages/Cleanup. The following parameters may be specified for this template:

  • |date= This template can take an optional date parameter, which will be added by a bot if omitted. For this, use {{Coat rack|date=August 2016}} or {{Coat rack|talk page section name|date=August 2016}}. This will add the page to the category NPOV disputes from August 2016.
  • |details= The details parameter may be used to provide more details on some of the aspects that should be addressed for the given article. (e.g., {{Coat rack|date=August 2016|details=In particular, this article's topic is XYZ, but instead primarily relates to George Washington.}})

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