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Creates a table of up to 12 rows and 4 columns, with tightly packed entries and no other formatting. Useful for creating neat columns of items within a larger table cell, for example.

|r1c1 = entry for row 1, column 1
|r1c2 = entry for row 1, column 2
|r1c8 = entry for row 1, column 8
|r2c1 = entry for row 2, column 1
|r9c4 = entry for row 9, column 4

Empty table cells are permitted.


r1c1   r1c2   r1c3   r1c4
r2c1   r2c2   r2c3
r3c1   r3c2   r3c3   r3c4
r5c1     r5c3   r5c4
r6c1   r6c2   r6c3   r6c4
r7c1   r7c2     r7c4
r8c1   r8c2   r8c3   r8c4
  r9c2   r9c3   r9c4