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Competition record
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Usage example[edit]

Competition record
Athlete name
Athlete name
Representing  Europe
World's Strongest Man
1st 2009 World's Strongest Man
Britain's Strongest Man
2nd 1977 Britain's Strongest Man
3rd 1978 Britain's Strongest Man
{{CompetitionRecordTableTop|Bad Title Example.png|150px|Athlete name}}
{{CompetitionRecordCountry | {{EUR}} }}
{{CompetitionRecordSport | [[Strongman (strength athlete)|Strongman]]}}
{{CompetitionRecordCompetition|[[World's Strongest Man]]}}
{{CompetitionRecordFirst  | [[2009 World's Strongest Man]] | }}
{{CompetitionRecordCompetition|[[Britain's Strongest Man]]}}
{{CompetitionRecordSecond | [[1977 Britain's Strongest Man]] | }}
{{CompetitionRecordThird |  [[1978 Britain's Strongest Man]] | }}

Related templates[edit]


{{CompetitionRecordTableTop}} – with the optional image parameters (see example above):

  1. Image name without 'Image:'.
  2. Image size. Default value: 100px.
  3. Caption. Default value: {{PAGENAME}}.

Sub Headings[edit]




Use of the {{CompetitionRecordSemifinalist}} and {{CompetitionRecordQuarterfinalist}} templates are for single-elimination tournaments where there is no third place playoff match.

All with the usage: {{CompetitionRecordType | Year City | Event}} (see example above)