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Roman imperial dynasties
Constantinian dynasty
Constantine I as Caesar 307–311
-with Maximinus II as Caesar 307–311
-with Galerius and Severus as Augusti 307–308
-with Galerius and Licinius as Augusti 308–311
-with Maxentius as usurper in Rome (and Asia Minor 311–312) 308–312
Constantine I as Caesar (self proclaimed Augustus) 311–312
-with Maximinus II and Licinius as Augusti of East and West 311–312
Constantine I as Augustus of the West 312–324
Licinius as Augustus of the East 312–324
-with Constantine II, Crispus and Licinianus as Caesares 317–324
Constantine I as sole Emperor 324–337
Constantine II as Augustus of Gaul, Britannia and Hispania 337–340
Constans as Augustus of Italy and Africa (and Gaul, Britannia and Hispania 340–350) 337–350
Constantius II as Augustus of Asia and Egypt 337–350
Constantius II as sole Emperor 350–361
Preceded by
Followed by
Jovian and Valentinian dynasty