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Copied [[{{{from}}}]] ([{{fullurl:{{{from}}}|action=history}} history]) → [[{{{to}}}]] ([{{fullurl:{{{to}}}|oldid={{{to_diff}}}}} diff])

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This template is a parameter-compatible replacement for {{Copied}}.


These are additional parameters not supported by {{Copied}}.

Main documentation[edit]

This template {{Copied multi}} and its helper templates replaces multiple instances of {{Copied}} or similar talk page templates. This template is meant to simplify the merge/split procedures by providing one template that can be used on the talk pages of source and destination articles or other pages. Intended for use on talk pages, this template identifies that text has been copied or moved from one article to another, recording attribution dependencies as described by Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia.

Each individual template is replaced by a parameter-compatible summary:


{{Copied multi|list=
* {{Copied multi/Copied|}}

Converting existing templates[edit]


  1. Wrap existing templates with {{Copied multi}}.
  2. Convert templates to * list items.


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