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This template is designed for use in navigating between the years a country has participated in a sport.


This template requires two unnamed parameters, with other optional parameters:

The full name of the country (e.g. Canada)
The name of the games (e.g. Summer Olympics)
The first year the country participated in the games (e.g. 1934). If the games are the Commonwealth Games, this parameter is required.
(optional) The last year the country participated in the games (e.g. 2002 was the final year Zimbabwe participated)
(optional) Set this to collapsed or uncollapsed to set the visibility. Default is collapsed.
(optional) Use this parameter to put a message at the bottom of the navbox (see Malaya example below). Note that some entries (see Canada below) contain default messages, but can be overwritten if something is passed to below.


Note that if the generic "Olympics" is used, both Summer and Winter games will be displayed.

  • {{country at games navbox|Canada|Pan American Games}}
  • {{country at games navbox|Canada|Summer Olympics}}
  • {{country at games navbox|Canada|Olympics}}
  • {{country at games navbox|Malaya|Commonwealth Games|1950|1962|below=Malaya has competed as part of Malaysia from 1966}}