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Place {{Cue sports nav}} near the bottom of relevant articles (but not templates, categories, etc.), just above the DEFAULTSORT (if present) and categories (and after any similar template if there is already one present that more closely addresses the subject, such as a film/director/actor/genre nav box on the page for The Hustler.)

Do not "subst:" this template.

Organizational structure: It is arranged in the following order: Pool games, carom games, other games (snooker first since it is a major sport), and lastly supporting materials. Pool and carom are listed first because they are broad categories, and pool is listed above carom because it has orders of magnitude more players and popularity (despite being historically subordinate.) Bold indicates games currently subject to widespread, professional, international competition (seven-ball isn't there yet, and ten-ball only has been since the late 2000s); italics indicates major resources; and the left heading column includes links to the top-most levels of these article hierarchies. Within the pool, carom and "other" lines, the major professional games are listed first in order of present-day importance; then other, lesser-importance games in alphabetical order (in Pocket and Carom; in Other, national pastimes, then obscure/obsolete games, lastly marginally-related, e.g. ball-less/cueless, games).