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This template is designed to be used in the situation where a navbox contains a link to a disambiguation page whose title does not contain the word "(disambiguation)". In this situation there is a conflict between two requirements:

  1. The intentional link to the disambiguation page ought to go through the redirect "X (disambiguation)", in order to distinguish it from unintentional links to disambiguation pages, which require cleanup (see WP:INTDABLINK)
  2. Links in the navbox ought not to go through redirects, because they should appear in bold as self links when the navbox is used on their target page (see WP:Navbox)

This template resolves the conflict by going through the redirect in most cases, but explicitly replacing it with a self link to the disambiguation page in question when the template is used on that page. The template can have one or two parameters:

  • {{D'|Phrase}} produces a link to "Phrase" through "Phrase (disambiguation)" (but produces only the self link "Phrase" when the navbox is used on the "Phrase" page)
  • {{D'|Phrase|Text}} does the same, but uses "Text" as the display text instead of "Phrase".

Remember to create the redirect from "Phrase (disambiguation)" to "Phrase", if this has not already been done.