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Artwork for the cover of Series .

Call: {{Descript-cvr-art |Series |Vol |Issue |Cover date |Publisher |2KAD= |type= |feature= |art= }}

type can be:

variant - variant cover - Either a reprint cover an even print run raito (1:1 for each issue with an "A" cover, there will be an issue with a "B" cover).
incent - incentive variant - Unequal ratios such as 1:10 (for every 10 issues with an "A" cover, there is 1 issue with "B"). The ration can be specified with Δ = the number of regular issue covers per 1 incentive cover.

feature can be included to denot prominante characters.

art is for listing the artists credited with the image. ¶ = y can be added in captions to have the art credit move down a line.