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Margaret Macpherson Grant

Margaret Macpherson Grant
Margaret Macpherson Grant
  • ... that the nineteenth-century Scottish heiress Margaret Macpherson Grant (pictured) gave a ring to her female companion Charlotte Temple, and lived with her as if they were married? Source: "Something like a marriage had taken place between them. Each pledged herself to celibacy; Miss Grant ‘married’ Miss Temple, placing on the latter’s marriage-finger a suitable ring" Source - there are various other sources in the article confirming this.
    • ALT1:... that the nineteenth-century Scottish heiress and philanthropist Margaret Macpherson Grant (pictured) died, aged 42, shortly after her female partner had abandoned her to marry a man? Source: "Margaret suffered from paralysis in her legs and died in April 1877, just two weeks before her 43rd birthday." - same source as above, the content about her partner having recently left her is supported by various other sources in the article.

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