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Nujeen Mustafa

  • ... that Nujeen Mustafa, a teenage Syrian refugee with cerebral palsy, traveled 3,500 miles (5,600 km) in a wheelchair to seek asylum in Germany?
  • Source 1: On her journey from Syria to Germany, Nujeen travelled over 3,500 miles, all in a wheelchair ... One of the things people don’t realize about refugees is that it’s expensive doing this trip. It cost them about 6,000 Euros ... Born with cerebral palsy, Nujeen’s only connection to the wider world ...[1]
  • Source 2: She is an incredible eighteen year-old who, at just sixteen, made the 3,500-mile journey from Syria to Germany in a steel wheelchair. Nujeen was born with cerebal palsy[2]
  • Source 3: “It was surreal.” That’s how 20-year-old Nujeen Mustafa described the experience Wednesday of being the first person with a disability to brief the United Nations Security Council in New York.[3]

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