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Yvette Lévy

Yvette Lévy in 2009
Yvette Lévy in 2009
Source: "Seule une poignée a encore la force de multiplier les allers-­retours. Yvette Lévy s'est rendue plus de deux cents fois là-bas depuis sa libération." (Roughly translates to: "Only a handful has the strength to go back again. Yvette Lévy has been there over 200 times since her liberation")
Source: "Avec ces adolescents, elle est retournée 200 fois à Auschwitz !" (Roughly translates to: "With these students, she has returned 200 times to Auschwitz!")
Source: "Quand Yvette est rentrée, elle a retrouvé ses parents et ses deux frères. À la Gestapo, elle avait déclaré qu’ils étaient tous morts dans des bombardements." (Roughly translates to: "When Yvette returned, she found her parents and her two brothers. At the Gestapo, [the Gestapo] had declared that they had died in some bombings.

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