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This template takes one mandatory argument, book and chapter, and one optional argument, line/range. Book and chapter is the book and chapter of a passage from Diodorus Siculus' Library, in the form book.chapter (e.g. 13.98). The template will produce a link to the cited book and chapter at the Perseus Digital Library at the University of Chicago. line/range may be a line number, a range of line numbers, or an ending chapter for the range begun by the book and chapter argument, or may be left blank. If it is to be a line number or range of line number. Thus:

  • {{Diodorus|13.98|.1}} produces 13.98.1
  • {{Diodorus|13.98|.1-4}} produces 13.98.1-4
  • {{Diodorus|13.98|-101}} produces 13.98-101
  • {{Diodorus|13.98|}} produces 13.98

This template is intended for use in citations, and should generally be substed. Note that giving an end to the range of chapters only effects the appearance of the template, not the link target; the link will still be to the book and chapter indicated by the first argument.