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{{Disability sidebar (|listname)}}

This template can be added to articles whose single major topic area is disability.

If the article is very short or suitable for the inclusion of more than one navigational template, use {{Disability navbox}} instead.

If the single major topic area of an article corresponds very closely to one of the groups in the sidebar, that group may be expanded by default as follows:

This template includes collapsible lists.

  • To set it to display all lists when it appears (i.e. all lists expanded), use:
  •  {{Disability sidebar |expanded=all}} or, if enabled, {{Disability sidebar |all}}  (i.e. omitting "expanded=").
  • To set it to display one particular list while keeping the remainder collapsed (i.e. hidden apart from their headings), use:
  •  {{Disability sidebar |expanded=listname}} or, if enabled, {{Disability sidebar |listname}}
  • …where listname is one of the following (do not include any quotemarks):
    • theory
    • education
    • therapy
    • societal
    • personal
    • socioeconomic
    • orgs
    • sports
    • culture

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