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The PNG file format allows for full alpha channel transparency -- this is better than GIF, but the effects of transparency may not be apparent on a light background. MediaWiki provides the thumb atom, but this puts the image in a white box.

{{docpng}} puts both the image and its name in a gray, left floating box. This permits rapid documentation of large numbers of images on a Talk page. The image itself is shown, and a clickable link to the image page is displayed in such a way that functional code may be copied directly from the Talk page.



Provide the image filename as this template's only parameter. Include the dot-extension, but omit the Image namespace.

Since the div is made to float, close a series of such {docpng}s with {{subst:-}}.

The subst: atom may be used with this template. This permits later editing, for instance, to insert additional display parameters, or to change the color style keyword template ({{divstylegray}} by default). Caution: {docpng} replicates the supplied image name in three places: the div ID, the title, and the image call itself. Be sure to add display parameters to the last only.

This template is designed specifically to highlight PNG transparency, but any image may be so documented.


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