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Use this template on your user talk page to ask other users not to use user warning templates when leaving comments there.

This template will not prevent users from templating you; it's just a request. In the event that you do get templated, remember to assume good faith on the part of the editor who templated you and be civil.


Because of the varied way tools like Twinkle allow users to place templates, it is recommended that this template be placed both directly on your user talk page and in the talk page's edit notice.

Talk page[edit]

Place this template at the top of your user talk page. Do not place this template on the talk page of another user, or on any other page.

Edit notice[edit]

You can also use this template as an edit notice. Insert this template on your user talk edit notice page to make it appear to any user while they are editing your page.


{{Don't template me}}

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