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Produces a representation of a logically-numbered year/decade/century/millennium (first parameter). Second para is y/d/c/m. Representation style depends on the third parameter:

  • (parameter empty or absent): links to the year if it has an article (not a redirect)
  • y: always links
  • n: never links
  • t: produces simple text (no no-break spaces etc.), e.g. for use in category names
  • s: displays AD or BC in small capitals
  • a: adds AD if not BC
  • p: displays AD as prefix (only valid with a)
  • ys, ya, ysa, ns, na, nsa, sa: permitted combinations of above options
  • yap, ysap, nap, nsap, sap: combinations with AD prefix

Used by {{dr}}. Uses {{drep}}.