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License for Image:{{{1}}}[edit]

[[Image:{{{1}}}|200px|right|Your Image:{{{1}}}]]

Move to commons representation

The image [[:Image:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] is a candidate to be copied to the Wikimedia Commons. When you uploaded this image, you licensed it for use under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). On behalf of the Wikipedia and Commons communities, thank you. However, the GFDL requires that reproductions of the image (and any other GFDL-licensed works), must be accompanied by the full text of the GFDL. The GFDL is intended more for documentation and not images, so downstream re-users may be hindered by additional restrictions of the GFDL which may not work well on the use of one image.

Before I copy this image to the Commons, I wanted to ask whether you would be willing to multilicense your work under an additional license, such as a Creative Commons licence. Creative Commons licences, such as the Attribution Share-Alike license provide a similar copyleft permission to the GFDL, but without some of its requirements such as the distribution of the licence text. All you need to do, is place the additional license tag alongside your current license. Users can choose between which one they want to use the image under. There are many free licenses accepted on Wikipedia and Commons which can provide freedoms similar to the GFDL, but without some of its requirements.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to alter the license. Doing so merely cooperates with those members of the community who believe that multilicensing your work can ease the reuse of images outside of Wikipedia.

If you use a GFDL license tag which requires distribution of Wikipedia's general disclaimer (indicated by "Subject to disclamiers" in the template), it is also suggested that you switch it to one which does not apply them.

It is also strongly advised, to update to the 1.3 version of the GFDL.

Whether or not you choose to dual-license your work, thank you for your consideration.

Please also see Wikipedia:Copyrights and Wikipedia:Moving images to the Commons for more information.
This message was placed using Template:Dual-licence.

Thanks! --~~~

Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

{{Dual-licence}} provides a vehicle to request that an individual editor license their work under multiple licenses.

Best practice suggests that you wait several days after using this template before proceeding to copy the image to the Commons. This gives the uploading editor an opportunity to see, consider, and act on the request.

This template does not add any categories to the page it's placed on.


  1. This template is always placed on the talk page of the editor who uploaded the image in question. Do not include a section headline, since the template generates one itself.

  1. This template must always be substituted in order to avoid altering pre-existing discussions on a user's talk page as the template is modified in the future.

  1. This template takes a single parameter: The name of the image that (a) should be dual-licensed and (b) you plan to copy to the commons. The parameter is entered without square brackets and without the namespace prefix (i.e. without "Image:").

  1. Use the following syntax when placing this template on a user's talk page:
    {{subst:Dual-licence|IMAGE NAME}}
  2. Do not sign with four tildes (~~~~). The template signs for you automatically.

  1. In addition, consider adding the image to your watchlist, in order to provide a quick way for you to know when/if the uploading editor modifies the license tag.

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