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  • {{ear|status|message ~~~~}}
  • {{ear|status|2=message ~~~~}} (necessary when your message or signature includes the = character)

Both parameters should be specified for this template; while it will work without the second parameter specified, it is considered poor form on most noticeboards to not include a reason, or to at least sign and datestamp it. At Wikipedia:Editor assistance/Requests (WP:EAR) at least, such timestamps are used for determining when to archive a thread.

Possible status types:

  • resolved (short form: r)
  • answered (short form: a)
  • unclear (short form: unc)
  • unresolved (short form: unr)
  • stale (short form: s)
  • (new!) moved (short form: m)
  • (new!) stuck (short form: stu)


  • {{ear|r|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Resolved: Foo. ~~~~
  • {{ear|a|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Answered: Foo. ~~~~
  • {{ear|unc|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Request unclear: Foo. ~~~~
  • {{ear|unr|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Unresolved: Foo. ~~~~
  • {{ear|s|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Stale: Foo. ~~~~
  • {{ear|m|To [[Talk:Foobarbaz#qux]]. ~~~~}}:
    Discussion moved: To Talk:Foobarbaz#qux. ~~~~
  • {{ear|stu|Foo. ~~~~}}:
    Stuck: Foo. ~~~~

Special case[edit]

  • Red XN {{ear|a|Foo bar baz [//en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Main_Page&diff=139993 foo bar baz!]. ~~~~}}:
  • Green tickY {{ear|a|2=Foo bar baz [//en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Main_Page&diff=139993 foo bar baz!]. ~~~~}}:
    Answered: Foo bar baz foo bar baz!. ~~~~


This template was created to expand on {{resolved}}, {{unresolved}}, etc. for some specialized purposes that were proposed at WT:EAR in April and May of 2009. While some of the parameters cause identical behavior to the templates above, this template was created so as to permit easy unification of the icon styles used on WP:EAR, as well as to avoid taking up multiple simple template names (such as "answered", "cant").

Changing the icons is a snap. The icons currently in here are just a group of possibilities which use the current templates' icons and maintain a stylistic similarity with the new ones.

Please be careful when making changes to this template, and especially avoid removing possible parameters as it may badly break earlier uses of the template. A default case which displays an error may be a good solution to avoid having items previously tagged one way showing up as resolved when changes to this template occur.

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