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Höltge, Dieter (1999). Straßen- und Stadtbahnen in Deutschland [Tramways and Stadtbahnen in Germany] (in German). Band 6: Baden [Volume 6: Baden]. Freiburg i. B., Germany: EK-Verlag. ISBN 3882553375.

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This template generates a book citation as above, using the {{cite book}} template.


{{EK-SSD-6 | page=xx}}
{{EK-SSD-6 | pages=xx–yy}}
{{EK-SSD-6 | ref=ID}}
Optional parameters
  • page – The relevant page number for a specific citation – the "p." prefix is automatically added
  • pages – The relevant page numbers for a specific citation – the "pp." prefix is automatically added

If both |page= and |pages= are specified, |page= is ignored.

  • ref – ID for anchor; if omitted, the special value |ref=harv is used, so that {{harvnb|Höltge|1999|p=FOO}} etc. will link.

Apart from the default value |ref=harv, the three parameters are passed unchanged to {{cite book}} - see that template's documentation for further information.

See also[edit]

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