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Charity Commission. EW charity, registered charity no. number needed. 

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This template provides an external link to the record for a charity at the Charity Commission for England and Wales (not the whole of the UK, hence this template was renamed from "UK charity"). This provides confirmation of the charity's status and access to reports and accounts submitted to the Commission.

Thanks are due to Mr Tony Dunn of the Register Development Team at the Charity Commission, whose helpful response to an email in Feb 2009 allowed this template to be updated to provide access to the records after redesign of the Charity Commission website.

And further thanks for his help in May 2013 after another redesign of the Charity Commission website.

This template calls {{cite book}} and passes into {{cite book}} the parameters described in the section "usage". Calling {{cite book}}, means that this template is formatted in a similar way to other citations and contains the ability to be linked to short citations using {{harv}}.


Two non-standard parameters:

 num=charity regno — This must be present or there is a visual red warning
 name=charity name — For now, if no name is given, then the Wikipedia article name is used (in the future, the default will be changed to display nothing).

All the remaining parameters are described in detail in Help:CS1 as used in standard citation templates such as {{cite book}}

Two parameters are filled in by the template and can not be changed:

|title=charity name , registered charity no. charity regno
|url=url + charity regno

Thee parameters are filled by the template (if desired one or more all three can be reassigned):

|author=Charity Commission
|author-link=Charity Commission for England and Wales
|ref= Charity Commission charity regno — This can be set to none if no reference link is needed; see {{SfnRef}} for alternative settings.

The parameters below are available and will be displayed if given a value:

Deprecated parameters
{{EW charity|regno}}


{{EW charity|regno|charityname}}

Where "regno" is the charity's registration number, and "charityname" is the name to appear in the link, if this is not the pagename.

The template has one required parameter, the charity's registration number. This must be input without any spaces.

If the name of the page is not the name of the charity (perhaps it has a disambiguation, or the page includes several branches of an international charity), then the second parameter is the name which should appear in the link.

Thus on the Leukaemia Research page, {{EW charity|216032}} produces the output:

Charity Commission. Leukaemia Research, registered charity no. 216032. 

and the same result would be produced by {{EW charity|216032|Leukaemia Research}} on this or any other page.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

See the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for EW charity

A template to provide an external link to the record for a charity at the Charity Commission for England and Wales

Template parameters

Parameter Description Type Status
regno 1

The 6-digit charity registration number, must be entered without any spaces

Auto value
String required
charityname 2

The name of the charity for display, if it is not the same as the page name

Auto value
String optional


The ordering of the parameters is not important.

Two main parameters num=charity regno and name=charity name:

{{EW charity |num=216032 |name=Bloodwise}}
Charity Commission. Bloodwise, registered charity no. 216032. 

Two main parameters with mode=cs2 (the separator is changed from dot to comma)

{{EW charity |num=216032 |name=Bloodwise |mode=cs2}}
Charity Commission, Bloodwise, registered charity no. 216032 

Two main parameters with ref=none

{{EW charity |num=216032 |name=Bloodwise |ref=none}}
Charity Commission. Bloodwise, registered charity no. 216032. 

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