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EduBase details for {{{1}}}

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This template creates a link to the Department for Education EduBase record for a school in England or Wales, United Kingdom.


The template takes one or two positional parameters:

{{EduBase|number|anchor text}}

The first argument is the 6-digit Unique Reference Number (URN) assigned to the school by the Department for Education. This number may be found:

  • on the school's EduBase record.[1]
  • at the top of each Ofsted inspection report for the school,
  • at the top of the Ofsted page for the school,[2]

The second argument is the anchor text of the link. If it is omitted, the default anchor text is "EduBase details for N".


  1. ^ EduBase, a government database of schools in England and Wales.
  2. ^ Ofsted inspection reports for care and education.